Selecting and booking your private jet is just the beginning. From customized catering menus designed by the best chefs in the world, exclusive ground transportation options, and travel intelligence from the best cities in the world, we have you covered. Your travel experience with JET D’OR begins before you arrive at the airport. Our best client is an informed client. We are excited to go beyond our clients’ expectations in every booking. Submit your service request to our dedicated team and be amazed by the world.

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You can depend on JET D’OR to pair catering, ground transportation or additional services to your private jet flight. With JET D’OR as your one-stop-shop you can be assured that your in-flight food will arrive on-time, packaged appropriately for your aircraft and your driver will be familiar with the private airport, delivering you right to your aircraft’s door.

Imagine a tailored private jet experience. Your JET D’OR agent will combine the expertise of a travel agent, the convenience of a tour guide and the professionalism of a sommelier at your favorite restaurant. JET D’OR’s private jet concierge service is an extension of our your team and our professional and courteous staff will fulfill all of your travel requirements, no matter how detailed.

JET D’OR’s personalized concierge service is available 24-hours a day. From the moment you depart for the airport in your departure city to the time you arrive at your final destination, our leisure and corporate jet charter services provide a stress-free traveling experience by anticipating your needs before your take-off, and continuing to act on any possible request once you’ve reached your destination.

We encourage you to take full advantage of our VIP Concierge Service to provide unique arrangements and amenities associated with your private jet flight. No request is out of your reach when you fly with JET D’OR.

Urgent Transport

Sometimes private jets can be useful for more than just getting executives from point A to point B. Getting a vital component to an oil rig in a remote location, delivering an auctioned painting to its buyer, or bringing a puppy to a new home overseas; private jets can be a practical tool for the otherwise impossible situation.

VIP Travel Logistics

In the event that your executive needs to make several corporate meetings in a single day, or your political candidate needs to shake hands in as many cities as possible in a week, a private jet can be the closest thing to a time-machine. Your JET D’OR dedicated agent can asses your travel needs and suggest a flight itinerary to maximize your time on the ground.


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VIP services to go with your private jet flight

When traveling for leisure, you want to focus on enjoying yourself, not on coordinating several providers. JET D’OR’s dedicated concierge agents will package events, yachts, ground transport and guides together to take the stress out of your VIP excursion.

Our five-star concierge service extends to 4000 airports around the world. Our teams is ready to assist in big cities like London or tiny pueblos in remote locales. Whether your travels keep you close to home or take you abroad, our experienced private jet concierge service is ready to exceed your every expectations.

Our concierge services include everything to make your private jet flight comfortable, enjoyable and memorable. Even after your safe arrival we desire to make your entire trip a pleasurable experience.


Considering a private flight to a luxury event? Need tickets before you can confirm? Why not let your JET D’OR dedicated concierge assist with both? With our worldwide contacts, the sky’s the limit.


Nothing goes together with a private jet like a luxury yacht. For those looking for the ultimate luxury vacation, let your JET D’OR dedicated concierge suggest an Azimut to pair with your Gulfstream.


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JET D’OR is a family owned business, built over years of carefully listening to what our clients need and tailoring our services to anticipate those requests – each and every time they fly. Our concierge team has a passion for surpassing expectations and will go to any length to tailor every aspect of your private jet flight to your specific itinerary, timing and budget. We combine modern technology with family values to provide our clients with a jet charter service that inspires loyalty.

We always strive to make your trip an exceptional one and tailored personal to you. So, if there is anything you want with your jet hire – simply ask.

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We are a global private jet charter company located in New York City. JET D'OR offers only Platinum Rated Aircraft; providing our clients with the ultimate in luxury and safety.
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