La Nava
La Nava del Barranco

The luxury travel industry keeps raising the bar and breaking the limits of creativity. Working in the private jet world, we are fortunate to see and experience the best that this world has to offer. Once in a while, a new and exciting travel experience touches your heart and changes your sense of what is possible. Introducing La Nava del Barranco, a property so special that most guests book it one year in advance.

In the heart of Castilla-La Mancha region of Spain, and past the roads of El Quijote, La Nava del Barranco comprises thousands of hectares. The main house sits on top of a hill as the crown jewel of a property that offers virtually every form of natural experience you can dream of: partridge hunting in the fall and spring, Photographic Safari, a natural reserve, horse-back riding, four wheeler expeditions, a swimming pool with stunning views, hot air balloon rides, a full-service Spa and the most beautiful scenery of endless mountains and olive trees. The quality of service from the 80 staff members is what carries to experience of La Nava to perfection. All of this and I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet! La Nava del Barranco has its own private jet landing strip, managing a full business aviation operation with jets landing from all over the world.

La Nava del Barranco is a new property designed with the end goal in mind: comfort, luxury and an authentic experience in the Spanish countryside. The property has 14 bedroom suites, all with mountain views, and a fleet of over 15 vehicles to transport the guests to their hunting expeditions and photographic safaris in the natural reserve. The property offers a range of classic hunting gear, footwear and apparel, as well as a production team to make you feel like you went back in time to the Victorian era. Everything about la Nava is classically beautiful. Its open spaces are the perfect set for a dream vacation to disappear from the world.

On-Site Private Airport

One of La Nava’s incredible features is its on-site private airport.  The runway is accessible even for heavy and ultra-long-range aircraft.  The strip is secluded, far out in the Spanish countryside, far from camera lenses or curiosity seekers.

Secluded Luxury

La Nava provides so many ways to enjoy yourself.  You can choose to venture out into the hills to hunt pheasants, or enjoy a Spanish wine by the pool while soaking in the sunshine.

5 Star Accommodation

A rustic setting doesn’t have to lack luxury appointments. At La Nava, the accommodations are five-star and the staff is larger than you’d find running a 300 room hotel.

Your Toybox

Wish such a large property, how will you explore it all?  Well, La Nava provides an assortment of tools.  Traverse the countryside in 4×4’s, jeeps, on horseback or just take a relaxing stroll through the olive trees.

Dine Out

As the sun descends and your group gets hungry, gather together around a table set for you underneath the trees.  The Spanish wine will taste even better when paired with fresh country air and local foods.

Friendly Neighbors

With a game reserve on the premises, you won’t share the property with any other people, but you will see plenty of elk, boar and pheasant around the grounds.  Some visitors go out on hunting excursions, while others simply aim their cameras.





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